The Venus AIs are coming! Chapters & reviews


The First Book (Audiobook now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes)
“Behind Blue* : Girl Who Fell, Book 1” :

1. The Opening Move
2. The White Queen
3. Mengele’s Daughter
4. The Black Queen
5. The Red Queen
6. CSI Blue
7. To Russia With Love
8. It’s Really Nothing Like James Bond
9. Bathtime in Balham
10. The End Game
11. Ghost

The Second Book
“Now Helen* : Girl Who Fell, Book 2” :

1. The Little Fox
2. Baby Blue
3. I, Said the Sparrow
4. The Number of the Rose
5. The Name of the Drive
6. Greek Tragedy
7. Out of Africa
8. The Wash-Up
9. The Lion and the Rabbit
10. Now Helen
11. The Judgement of Paris
12. The Yellow Roses
13. The Pearl Ear
14. A Farewell to Arms
15. Rosebud
16. Lavo Jato (Car Wash)

* “Behind Blue” and “Now Helen” are also available in a boxset as “Aphrodite’s Kiss”

The Third Book
“La Bombe: Girl Who Fell, Book 3” :

Just a Dream, Dream
The Babes in the Wood
Hard Rain Cafe
Carry the Lass That’s Born To Be Queen
The Mirror of Zoria
Brave New World
Anger Be Now Young Song
Bad Girls
Novichok Purple
On the First Day of Christmas
La Bombe

“Indeed, indeed listen to the very important story in these books by Raechel Sands! In wanting to endorse this work, a remarkable line of Hafiz comes to mind. That verse goes:
I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through—listen to this music!”  Daniel Ladinsky, internationally acclaimed Penguin Books poet and translator

“An unusual book—taking you right inside the world of female spies—that was fun to read and had me totally absorbed. This is book 1 of the Hail the Queen saga, and I look forward with excitement to reading the next installments.”  The Cambridge News

“A chic literary debut by new writer Raechel Sands. CIA field agent Blanka (based at MI6 in London) fights to save the family of Russian nerve agent warfare expert Grigori Grinin, while rogue agent Felicity repeats the chilling mistakes of her past life.”  Soul & Spirit Magazine

“Multiple genres quantify this series, multiple guesses are needed to unravel the clues! So many agencies, so many agents! As Grinin’s time shortens, the good gals, Blanka, Sokol and Nearby are kept busy trying to protect him and his promises for an antidote to the world’s worst airborne toxin. But arch villain, Felicity, has different plans. What is she going to do to Grinin’s twin daughters? In this very offbeat series, it is impossible to presume where the story will go but it will be full of intrigue, historical namesakes and bloody murder.” An American reader

“Really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn’t put it down from start to finish and can’t wait for the next one!”  Black Cat, Liverpool UK

“Funny and satirical women-centric espionage thriller rumored to be by a real-life female James Bond 007 – still working for the CIA and MI6.” Charlene, New York City

“This is one of those books that I can picture as a movie; the writing is so descriptive and it gave me a really good image of the story in my head. It’s a spy novel, but much more than just that. The best agent of the MI6, Blanka, is super tough, yet has a failing kidney and undergoes dialysis on a constant basis. What a badass! She’s a very strong female. But I also enjoyed her quaint home with her pink teakettle. I suppose if you go around assassinating people for work it’s nice to go home to a cute little cottage with a garden and your very own beehive!”  Jen, Florida

“An extraordinary debut thriller, full of satire and historical detail.” Greg, New Mexico

“FANTASTIC! Best read in a long time!!” JB, Georgia

“A riveting read, I was completely engrossed. The writing is so clever, the characters so real. Edgy stuff. Would highly recommend and I will without a doubt be following this author in future.” A reader from London UK