One Million Years BC. Jupiter – Saturn Made Easy. First Close Saturn Jupiter Conjunction (Star of Bethlehem) on the Winter Solstice Since Prehistoric Times. Monday.

Saturn from Hubble space telescope, 2021

Studying the approaching conjunction tonight with beautiful sunset and crescent moon. Here’s my book publicist, Emma, showing off her Star of Bethlehem planets dress!

The sunlight reflected from Saturn travels over a billion miles back to reach us on Earth, with a roundtrip time — at light speed — of three hours. At the moment of exactitude at 6pm Monday evening (London time), Jupiter will be less than one tenth of a degree away from Saturn. That’s from our sight line. The two giants of the solar system will remain nearly a billion kilometers apart from each other, Jupiter orbiting currently at about half the distance away of Saturn.

Kindle Star of Bethlehem Special Offer! Women Are From Venus AI (The Girls Who Fell) thrillers Book 1 Behind Blue, and Book 2 Now Helen £0.77 UK ; $0.99 USA. For three days only. Raechel Sands’ new better-than-Killing Eve book series. The Venus AIs are coming.

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