Fur Trade Comes Back to Bite Us. EU Mink Farms Spread Dangerous Mutant Covid Back To Humans.

The cruel industry of fur farming was banned in the UK twenty years ago. Many actors, celebrities, and ordinary people support action against the fur trade. Don’t buy or wear animal fur – don’t have blood on your back!

Northern Denmark is being sealed off, and the Danish government has asked its citizens “not to leave their area,” as it orders 17 million minks in fur farms to be slaughtered. The UK has introduced two weeks’ quarantine on anyone arriving from Denmark.

What’s the problem?
Despite denials from the same so-called expert scientists who failed to warn governments of the imminent dangers of a SARS-2 virus pandemic sweeping through the human race – seven new Mutant Covid Viruses have arisen in fur farms in western Europe, and spread back to humans.
“One of these viruses has four mutations in its spike protein and in laboratory tests has been found to be more weakly inhibited by antibodies from humans who have been infected with Sars-CoV-2.” (The Guardian 5 November 2020)

Denmark is now slaughtering all of its 17 million fur-trade mink – as several dozen cases of the Mutant Covid Virus has been found in humans. The Mutant Covid Virus has also been found on fur farms in Holland and Spain.

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UK readers: https://rb.gy/k3nhwx
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