Slaughter of the Innocents. Srebrenica Genocide 25 – an Open Wound on 1990s Europe. ‘Behind Blue’ by Raechel Sands Lesfic Thriller Heroine Born During Bosnian War.

Slaughter of the Innocents. Bosnian women are separated from their husbands and sons – who are selected for execution by ‘the butcher of Bosnia,’ Ratko Mladić. The selections took place right under the eyes of the press, and the very UN troops sworn to protect the civilians.

Remembering the tens of thousands of victims of genocide in Bosnia; and standing in solidarity with the Mars Mira walkers who each year commemorate the attempted escape of thousands of civilians from the massacres.

Genocide in Europe — only 1,200 miles from London — took place in the 1990s when heavily-armed Serbian militia, led by convicted-war-criminal Ratko Mladić, massacred 9,000 unarmed Muslim children and men at Srebrenica, Bosnia, on 11th July 1995.

Last year, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the Netherlands was partially responsible for the Srebrenica genocide because a company of Dutch troops ejected 500 of the victims from a UN Forces compound – into the hands of Serbian militia intent on murdering them.

Srebrenica was an official UN safe haven for tens of thousands of unarmed civilians trying to escape from waves of ethnic cleaning being carried out by Serb militia and paramilitaries. Despite this, the UN failed to protect the boys and men who were selected by right wing General Ratko Mladić and his officers for mass executions.
In scenes more reminiscent of 1945 Nazi death camps than 1995 Europe, the boys and men were taken to isolated forests and warehouses where they were systematically murdered over a four day period.
Many thousands of girl and women civilians were subjected to rape and sexual assault by the Serb militias. And there are hundreds of verified recorded cases of babies being murdered, and even of foetuses being cut out from pregnant women.

Ratko Mladić is serving consecutive life sentences in prison in The Hague for 10 murder charges including genocide, and ethnic cleansing. In the same way as Holocaust Denial, genocide denial about the massacre has seeped into mainstream culture due to fake news and far-right propaganda

Teenage Bosnian heroine, Leila, stars in the Lesfic-SF-spy thrillers BEHIND BLUE – NOW HELEN – LA BOMBE – QUICK SPARROWS –
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