UK Liberation From Nazi Occupation. Congratulations Channel Islands!

Scissors, Paper and Stone
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“Maybe she ran because he beat her.” Helen of Troy returns.

VE Day 75 years on was a welcome relief from SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus. But, lest we also forget the others… the Channel Islands which were not liberated from their five years of Nazi occupation until today — the 9th May — and the brave American, British, and Commonwealth forces who fought on for another three months of World War II in Asia and the Pacific.

My publisher’s son showed me this hilarious meme above. Just as well scissors beats paper.

Incidentally, for any history scholars, the game Scissors, Paper, Stone, was brought to Europe from China by sailors in the 19th century. In its ancient more complicated form in China, it has five elements rather than the three we know. They correspond to the five Taoist elements of Wood (paper), Fire, Earth (stone), Metal (scissors), and Water.

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